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November 18th, 2007 at 3:42PM in art

"Inspire the world! It can be changed!! " This way, .tv presents itself as a TV-format creators' community where its own members supply the contents and determine the TV listings and the editorial line by voting.

"The future TV is online, and it will be communal and interactive" according to the creator's project, Joan Jiménez. Houyhnhnms.tv wishes to be a TV which is directly born from the inspiration. An environment inviting us to experience new concepts and share audiovisual dreams with no intermediaries. Though Spanish by birth, its language is English and its mind is Global.

It intends to reach all audiovisual professionals and/or lovers with "artistic inclinations", because it aims to respond to the more demanding and specialized audience who fails to find its own style in other audiovisual sites.

You may become a member of this community and have your own account, upon invitation( http://www.houyhnhnms.tv/signin.php );once registered, users can broadcast their own videos or just be part of the audience of the different channels: Challenge, Films, Short Films, Micromovies, Animotion, Videoart, Music Videos, Artvertising and Artventures.

The first Houyhnhnms came out in 2002 as a global Flash Inspirational Experiment; as an intellectual challenge for creators, programmers and designers. In that first release, we challenged all creators worldwide to create a unique and original spot/movie: 3.5 million hits, the participation of creators from 27 different countries, over 500 proposals, a Möbius/Unesco/Uab prize and the actual houyhnhners finally deciding which were the 23 best creations, made the first Houhnhnms a thrilling project that now wants to go on exploring new creative and technological methods.

Moreover, now this platform appeals to social movement through its community, because the houyhnhners themselves define the editorial line by choosing which contents will make up the TV listings. Therefore, whether a success or a failure, the future of this project is in the hands of its users, by experiencing this TV format which, according to its creator, will be standard in future TVs. http://www.houyhnhnms.tv

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