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jeudi 17 novembre 2005

La bonne idée


Toujours sur les sites de vente en ligne, les objets sont accompagnés de cette longue litanie qu'est le descriptif. Abscon. Off course. La solution ? Sur le site de la Redoute, mettre en lien les mots techniques comme polyurethane (cf l'image ou ici pour le lien) menant vers leur définition... un détail qui change tout ! => Pick Lists Guidelines

Voici les recommandations pour émettre des avis sur un produit :

Pick Lists Guidelines
Wanna write a great Pick List?

You can write a Pick List that gets the attention, generates the buzz, and has Yahoo! shoppers heading for the Search box to find your favorite products. Just follow these simple guidelines for writing a great Pick List.

Start with a great concept

You've done the research, found the best products – now put them together in one list so the rest of the shopping world can benefit from your expertise.
It starts with creating a theme around a subject you're passionate about and involves the products you're familiar with.
Did you just complete a home-improvement project? What's the perfect paintbrush or dynamite drill you used? Has your PDA had a makeover? What add-ons gave your little gadget that bling? Have you found the best kid-safe DVDs, the hottest housewarming gifts, or must-have travel accessories?
Any one of these themes – and plenty more – would make a great Pick List.

Give it a great title

"My Favorite Things in All the World." Can you hear the yawns out there? If you want to attract readers, give your Pick List a title that's intriguing, interesting, descriptive, and full of life. Just to get you started thinking about your list, we've compiled some of our favorite titles.
Give 'em the lowdown

You've got your theme, you know the products, now tell everyone about this list. What makes this list of products so special? What have you enjoyed, experienced, or learned that would convince others that they should give these products a try? The best Pick Lists include an introduction to the list and a description for each product. Whatever you write, just use your own words and write as if you're talking to a friend – but be sure to read our guidelines for content. Guidelines for Pick List Content (...)

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