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Ni hao, friends of Flock,

You've asked us to let you take a peek at what we're working on. Today, we are pleased to invite you to try out the latest -- and only second ever -- private preview of what will very soon become the Flock Developer Preview.

"Developer Preview?" you ask?

Well, let's put it this way. We know there are some good ideas already baked into Flock -- inspired by the way we all already use the web. And we've been busting our butts to get the code out there so we can start getting feedback from the bleeding edge -- and we're almost there. But we need you, dear readers, to help us identify the 2 or 3 bugs that annoy you the most before we show our code. So there you have it, in the spirit of open source, here's how to get the Flock Developer Preview ... Preview:

DOWNLOADING Log in here: http://www.flock.com/developer/download/preview/ username: [your email address] password: flock Follow the link to download what's right for you: Windows, Linux, or Mac.