Voici un document qui, très sérieusement, mélange science, fiction et droit international pour nous proposer des guidelines d'une éthique spatiale. Un extrait ?
Respect for extraterrestrial environment
All space actors should respect the extraterrestrial environment and life forms if they exist.A reflection on the risk of contamination of the extraterrestrial environment in the process of the exploration and use of outer space should be initiated at the international level.

Respect for privacy
All activities undertaken in outer space should respect the right to privacy, with due respect for security exigencies. This concerns in particular the observation of Earth by satellite and satellite communications.

Moral decision making
Ethical considerations, be it the principles stated here or others, should be incorporated in decisions at every step. Ethical questioning should not be restricted to any particular group involved in the use and exploration of outer space, but should be a primary concern for every space actor.

Avec des principes comme ça les Etats-Unis seraient encore une nation Indienne... et qui valent pour Mars (Mars Mission Surfaces Ethical Issues Few Rules for Discovery of Life Forms By David W. Reid).

A lire The Ethics of Outer Space: Policy Document.