C'est un livre superbe qui parle des végétaux, de leur relation à l'homme. Une épopée avec en "guest star" la pomme & le pommier, la tulipe ou encore le cannabis. A propos de ce dernier il est possible de consulter le pdf suivant qui comprend the proceedings of several important events scheduled by the Townsend Center in celebration of Michael Pollan's residency as Avenali Lecturer for the 2002 Fall Semester. In this Occasional Paper we present transcripts of the public lecture Pollan gave as well as the comments of a panel organized to explore the environmental impact of food production in general. Both sections are followed by audience commentary.

Voici un extrait de la première page... just for the taste of it : I want to get a couple things about myself out of the way before I start. The first one is that, as you know, I write about plants. Whenever I take questions from an audience, which I hope to do when I finish speaking, there’s always someone who says, “Is that your real name?” I mean, it does seem awfully convenient, I realize that. But I’ve also learned from people asking these questions that it is a certain genre of name called the “career natural,” or an even better term is the “aptonym.” So I guess I have a good aptonym. I’ve been collecting others. The last time I was in the Bay Area I was told about a podiatrist named Dr. Toesy, which I kind of like. There are always doctors with these great names. I collected Drs. Slaughter, Smother, and Kaufman. There are lots of great urologists. There’s a Dr. Klap in Buffalo, and Dr. Peckler somewhere else. And, of course, the head of the Audubon Society is John Flicker. Over Friends of Animals, Priscilla Ferrell presides. But one of my favorites is a woman named Angela Ovary, who wrote a wonderful gardening book called Sex in Your Garden. So we’re going to talk a little bit about

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